Copycat Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake

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This Copycat Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake has layers of chocolate and vanilla ice cream around the iconic layer of chocolate crunchies and chocolate fudge. It is so easy to make and tastes just like the real thing!

ice cream cake collage

Easy Copycat Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake

As a kid, I rarely had the same birthday cake twice. I like all kinds of cake too much to stick with one. Regular cake, cheesecake, ice cream cakes – you name it. The only one I didn’t need to have for my birthday was a cookie cake, because I knew I could depend on my dad for that one at his birthday. So naturally, I’ve tried quite a few cakes – including ice cream cakes.

So, these days I feel like I’m a bit of an ice cream cake connoisseur. There’s definitely something to love about all the different kinds available, but when it comes to a Dairy Queen ice cream cake, that middle layer of chocolate fudge along with the chocolate crunchies is pure heaven. Often, I’d just dig that right out from between the ice cream and eat it alone. So darn good!

When I started playing around with ice cream cakes several years ago, I did a fair amount of experimenting with that middle fudge layer and finally perfected it. I’ve shared it before, but never for this copycat cake so I’m excited to share it with you today.

slice of Copycat Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake with a bite takenadding ice cream to a cake pan

How to Make An Ice Cream Cake

First let’s talk about the cake pan. I used an 8 by 3 inch cake pan, because I prefer a taller cake. You could definitely use a 9 inch pan though, and a springform pan would certainly be convenient. All according to what you’re going for.

Once you’ve got your pan, you’ll want to line the inside of it with clear wrap. Now it’s time to make your cake!

  1. Chocolate Ice Cream: Add your chocolate ice cream and spread it evenly into the pan. Pop the pan and ice cream into the freezer for about 30 minutes so it firms up just a bit.
  2. Chocolate fudge layer: You’re actually going to make chocolate ganache – it’ll just be a little thinner than normal and have some corn syrup in it. The corn syrup is really essential here. It helps it stay softer even when frozen, giving it that fudgy consistency. It’s not too firm and not too soft and drippy. The fudge layer is added on top of the ice cream and then frozen for another 10 minutes or so.
  3. Chocolate crunchies: You’re going to use Oreo crumbs and some melted butter for this layer. Mix the crumbs and butter together, spread them evenly onto a baking sheet and bake for about 8 minutes. As it cools, break it up into smaller pieces so you have the perfect little chocolate crunchies. They are seriously perfect! They aren’t big chunks of Oreos (yay!), but because they’ve been baked a bit they still keep their crispiness even when added to the ice cream cake. Perfection!

    Add the chocolate crunchy layer and then pop it back in the freezer for about two hours, so the cake can firm up and the layers stay even.

  4. Vanilla ice cream: Add the vanilla ice cream on top and freeze the cake until it’s firm. When it’s done, frost it with my homemade whipped cream. It uses some powdered sugar to keep it from wilting. It stays stable for days and days making it ideal for an ice cream cake. Decorate the ice cream cake as you like for your occasion and you’re ready to go!

This is seriously the BEST Copycat Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake! The middle fudge and crunchy layer is pure perfection. You will love it. And just like when I was a kid, you will want to eat the chocolate fudge and chocolate crunchy layer right out of the center!

overhead slice of Copycat Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cakefull Copycat Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake with a slice cut out


This ice cream cake is actually a great recipe to make ahead. You can layer everything together, cover it and leave it in the pan you built it in. It should be fine sitting in the pan for about a week ahead of time. Then you can frost it the of or the day before you need it so that the decorations looks nice and fresh.

After decorating, it’s ideal to store it in a container (such as a cake box or cake carrier) in the freezer. If you don’t have a container that size or space in your freezer, it’ll be fine for a few days in your freezer.

slice of Copycat Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake

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Image of slice of Copycat DQ Ice Cream Cake

Copycat Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake

  • Author: Lindsay
  • Prep Time: 5 hours 15 minutes
  • Cook Time: 10 minutes
  • Total Time: 5 hours 25 minutes
  • Yield: 12-14 slices 1x
  • Category: Dessert
  • Method: Oven
  • Cuisine: American


This Copycat Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake has layers of chocolate and vanilla ice cream around the iconic layer of chocolate crunchies and chocolate fudge. It is so easy to make and tastes just like the real thing!



Chocolate Cookie Crunchies

  • 3/4 cup (100g) Oreo crumbs (about 9 Oreos)
  • 1 1/2 tbsp butter, melted

Ice Cream Layers

  • 1.5 quart container vanilla ice cream
  • 1.5 quart container chocolate ice cream

Chocolate Fudge

  • 6 oz | 1 cup semi sweet chocolate chips
  • 3 tbsp light corn syrup
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1/2 cup (120ml) heavy whipping cream

Whipped Cream

  • 2 cups (480ml) heavy whipping cream, cold
  • 1 cup (115g) powdered sugar
  • 1 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
  • Sprinkles


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper or a silicone baking mat and set aside.
2. Combine the Oreo crumbs and melted butter and stir until well combined. Spread the crumbs evenly onto the prepared cookie sheet.
3. Bake for 8-10 minutes, then allow to cool. Use your fingers to break any big clumps into smaller ones. Set aside.
4. Line an 8×3 inch cake pan* with clear wrap that covers the bottom and goes above the sides of the cake pan. I used two pieces.
5. About 20 minutes before you need it, set the chocolate ice cream out to soften. Add the softened chocolate ice cream to the prepared cake pan and spread into an even layer. Freeze for 30 minutes.
6. To make the fudge layer, add the chocolate chips, corn syrup and vanilla extract to a medium sized bowl.
7. Heat the heavy whipping cream just until it begins to boil, then pour it over the chocolate chips. Allow to sit for 2-3 minutes, the whisk until smooth.
8. Remove the cake pan with the chocolate ice cream from the freezer, then pour the chocolate fudge over the ice cream and spread into an even layer. Freeze for about 10 minutes.
9. Add the cookie crumbles to the top of the fudge layer, then freeze for about 2 hours, until mostly firm.
10. About 20 minutes before you need it, set the vanilla ice cream out to soften. Add the vanilla ice cream to the top of the cake, then freeze until firm, 2-3 hours.
11. Use the clear wrap to lift the frozen cake out of the pan, then place it on a cardboard cake circle or a serving plate. Set it back in the freezer.
12. To make the whipped cream, add the heavy whipping cream, powdered sugar and vanilla extract to a large mixer bowl. Whip on high speed until stiff peaks form.
13. Frost the cake with the whipped cream and decorate as desired. I used Ateco tip 844 for piping the borders.
14. Freeze the cake until ready to serve. Cake is best when stored well covered and eaten within 4-5 days.


I like using the 8×3 inch cake pan and having a taller cake, but if you don’t have one of those pans on hand and don’t want to purchase it, you could also use a 9 inch pan (including a springform pan). The cake just won’t be as tall.

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Recipe rating

  1. Taylor

    I just came across this recipe and I’m super excited to try it! Is there a certain brand of ice cream that you would suggest using in order to almost get that Dairy Queen flavor?

  2. Lori

    This recipe is easy to follow and turned out perfectly! It was a real crowd pleaser, and people were amazed that I made it myself! I love this original recipe, but I made it with blue moon and cookie dough ice cream, Sander’s caramel topping, and Golden Oreos because my son isn’t a chocolate guy (how is he my kid?!?! 😉 ) and it was VERY good too! Thank you so much for sharing this with your readers!!!

  3. Cherene

    Hey there! I love this recipe! I’ve actually been debating doing an ice cream cake for my daughter’s 5th birthday next week – and I was considering doing a mint chocolate chip one. Do you have a mint chocolate chip ice cream cake recipe? Or maybe could you give me suggestions on how to do it (for the first time)? 🙂 Thank you so much!

    1. Lindsay

      I don’t have a mint chocolate chip ice cream cake recipe, but you could easily switch out the ice cream in this cake.

  4. Cathy

    I always made my children’s birthday cakes when they were growing up, so they matched whatever “theme” they had chosen for their party. Now I have grandchildren and my daughter buys their cakes. More than once the cakes were not correct, so I requested to start making their cakes. My oldest granddaughter only likes ice cream cakes. I need to know if you have ever tried making this cake using a 13×9 cake pan?

    1. Lindsay

      I have not made it in a 9 x 13, but there are several people in the comments who have said that they have. I believe you want to make one and a half recipes worth.

  5. Hayley

    Just made this for my boyfriend’s birthday, it was a huge hit! I substituted the vanilla ice cream with caramel moosetracks ice cream, and substitued oreo cookies with Shiela G’s Brownie brittle (baked for only a few minutes) and it complimented so well! You are definitely on to something with the chocolate ganache, I have made this before with stor-bought chocolate fudge and it got really hard, but this chocolate layer stayed nice and gooey. Thanks!!

  6. Mary

    I have made this twice. Party favorite I made it each time in a 9×13 pan for easier traveling. Super easy but time consuming. Best if started the night before and finishing up the vanilla layer and frosting early the morning you plan to eat it.

  7. Elyssa

    I love this recipe
    I’ve been following it and making it for my sons birthday this will be year 3 it never fails! Always looks amazing and tastes exactly like the dq version. I do following this recipe to try exact “t” and it’s pure perfection

    1. Lindsay

      Even with a springform pan, you will likely need to line it. Unless your springform pan is really completely leak proof, the ice cream will seep through.

  8. Sandy

    Hi, to finish the cake, do you smooth a layer of ice cream around the outside of the cake or is it all frosting?

  9. Mary

    I made this ice cream cake for my husband’s birthday. My family didn’t believe I made it. It was very good. Loved the ganache fudge layer. It was time consuming because of the freeze times but I started two days ahead of time to make sure the ice cream was solid before adding the layers.

  10. Remi

    Thank you so much for sharing. I was looking for inspiration for my daughter’s birthday cake and just found it!
    Quick question regarding the oreo crumbs: do you keep the oreo filling or do you scrape that off before make it into crumbs/ bake it?
    Thank you!

  11. Donna

    I cannot wait to try this recipe. My husband’s family is coming for a week at Easter, I am going to surprise everyone with an ice cream cake the kid’s are going to flip!!!

  12. Courtney

    Have you ever made this recipe but even taller? Like maybe three ice cream cake layers two Oreo layers? Was wondering if you could stack them after they were frozen.

    1. Lindsay

      I haven’t, but I did try stacking the layers after freezing them once and the problem was that they didn’t stick together super well. You could certainly try it though.

  13. JLMiller

    Made this for a birthday celebration this weekend. It was amazing! We made homemade ice cream for it. If you do this, you may want to have the cake in the freezer longer than a couple of hours after icing, as it was a bit on the soft side. When we had more later, it was firmer. The fudge was a bit rich, but good. The only issue we had was that when we went to serve it, the top layer didn’t stick to the cookie crumble layer, but that didn’t make a difference to us. My niece says that we have to do this for all birthdays now and my nephew thought we had bought it!

  14. Pam Bennett

    Made this twice now really good but the frosting was thin and was difficult to hold to sides .I used less whipping crean the second time but didn’t seem to help also whipped the cream for a good five minutes. Any thoughts maybe more icing sugar?

    1. Lindsay

      I’d make sure you’re using HEAVY whipping cream and not just whipping cream. The heavy whipping cream will give you a more solid whipped cream. Beyond that, yes, you could try more powdered sugar. But it should be plenty as is.

    1. Lindsay

      Store bought syrup probably won’t stay in place when you slice the cake. Plus, if you really do like a DQ ice cream cake, there’s a certain texture to their fudge layer, which I did my best to replicate. A store bought sauce won’t be like that.

    1. Lindsay

      Store bought syrup probably won’t stay in place when you slice the cake. Plus, if you really do like a DQ ice cream cake, there’s a certain texture to their fudge layer, which I did my best to replicate. A store bought sauce won’t be like that.

  15. Emillie

    I am getting ready to make this and realized I don’t have a round cake pan. I do have a glass rectangle casserole dish or a square glass casserole dish. Would either of these work?

  16. Shauna

    I’ll never buy an expensive DQ cake again!! This recipe is amazing! Very easy to make. I made multiple cakes at once as well as one with gluten free cookies (I was very excited to be able to share in the cake eating!)
    Thank you for this recipe, it’s a keeper!

  17. Rose

    What a wonderful recipe! I followed it exactly as written (except that I used strawberry ice cream instead of chocolate) and it worked perfectly. I decorated it as a snowman and it turned out really cute. Our granddaughters were thrilled. They love ice cream cakes so I am excited that I know how to make them now. They thought it was delicious! Thank you for sharing the recipe. It is a keeper.

  18. Rebecca

    My 42 year old husband has requested this cake for his last two birthdays! It always turns out great for me! I had no trouble with the cake melting while I frosted it with the whipped cream, but I made the cake the night before, then froze it overnight and frosted it in the morning. Also, it probably helps that my husband’s birthday is in the middle of December and we like in a drafty MN farmhouse! 🙂 i’m taking him horseback riding this morning and then we get to enjoy his ice cream birthday cake and celebrate! 🙂 Thanks much.

  19. Ashley

    This may be ice cream cake blasphemy, but I wondered if you could replace the Hot fudge sauce with caramel sauce (store bought with corn syrup in it)? 

    1. Lindsay

      Technically you could. But the caramel sauce may be more runny than the chocolate and may run all over the place.

  20. Bean

    I have made this cake 3 times now and they have been a hit every time! I cut the recipe in half and make them in 6” pans that are 2” high.  I play around with the ice cream flavors every time and do one flavor in one pan and then the other flavor in the other.  I have found it best when doing it this way to put the ganache and Oreos in one side, let them chill (not freeze) and then place the other ice cream layer on top by just putting the cake pans on top of each other.  I then take the top cake pan off give the ice cream a firm press and place the pan back on to freeze evenly! Go to bday cake, 1/2 the recipe is perfect for birthdays! 

    1. Melissa

      The details you include are so helpful especially for the second layer. I’m planning to make my first ice cream cakes next week for my daughter’s birthday. I’m going to use the 6′ pans like you’re saying for different flavors.

  21. Pam

    This cake is way better than Dairy Queen! The chocolate fudge layer is delicious. I double the cookie layer and added some caramel to it. Highly recommend this recipe! 

  22. Stephanie

    Hi Lindsay
    Thank you so much for sharing this recipe with us. I made it for my three year old son’s birthday here in France and everyone just looooved it! I had tried before other ICE cream cake recipes but this one is THE best! I’ll do it again next year for sure😄

  23. Rae

    Thank you so much!! My best friends 18th is coming up, she says it’s no big deal but I wanna make it special for her. She really hates cake but loves ice cream cake and this is just perfect

  24. Jen Little

    Hi Lindsay! I have 2 8″ pans that are 2″ deep. Do you think it would work to do the chocolate layer in one pan (topped with the ganache/oreos) and then do the vanilla in a second pan. Then once they’re fully frozen I’d stack them and frost them? Or do you think the vanilla layer would slide around too much when trying to frost?? 

    1. Lindsay

      The problem ends up being that the two halves don’t stick together well. So when you cut into the cake, the two halves kind of fall apart a bit. If you really want to do it that way, you could try adding some whipped cream between the two halves to hold them together.

  25. Rubeena

    Thank you for this recipe, its so easy and amazing! The first time I made this cake, I only had 18% cream and the fudge layer came out a little runny. The second time I made sure to buy heavy whipping cream and the fudge layer was perfect! Both times everyone LOVED and devoured the cake! I am thinking of making cupcake sized individual cakes next time.

  26. Vicki

    BETTER than DQ!  Mine was not quite as pretty but it was delicious and my DQ ice cream cake loving family LOVED it.  I used a spring form pan.  Will make again and again!

  27. Vicki

    Made this as directed, using a springform pan.  RAVE reviews from my taste testers!  This was fabulous and fun to make. The fudge layer recipe can be used in so many other recipes.

  28. Vicki

    RAVE reviews from my crew.   All around votes of “way better than DQ”.    Easy to make, so much cheaper and delicious.  I used a spring form pan.

  29. LG

    Hi! I don’t know if I just didn’t tamp down the ice cream enough or something, but there’s no way I can fit the second ice cream layer in my 8×3 pan. I’m planning to lift out the original layer with the toppings so I can use the pan again to form the second layer, but I’m not sure how to combine the layers once I get to that point? Should I try to stick them together with whipped cream or something? This is supposed to be for my twins’ birthday party on Saturday and I really don’t want to mess it up!! Thanks!!

    1. LG

      Nevermind, I think I figured it out! Once the base layer was frozen, I just flipped it over on top of the soft layer of ice cream, so hopefully that will work!

  30. SN

    Hi. Trying out your recipe for my daughter’s birthday. I’ve seen a few other websites recommend whipping the ice cream when it’s soft but still frozen. Do you know if this necessary? Does it help? Thanks.

    1. Lindsay

      Yes, it won’t go bad. I’d probably recommend freezing the inside parts of the cake for that long though and then frosting closer to when you’ll serve it so it looks fresher.

  31. Janet Seigneuret

    If I use whole Oreo cookies including the cream center, do I still chop up and put in oven with butter to make crumbles. Seems like the ‘cream’ would melt and make it mushy? .

  32. Barbara

    I made this recipe in 2 Pyrex bread loaf pans. They are going to a mini family reunion at a lake, I wanted something easy for kids or adults to just cut out a piece. I didn’t use anything to line the pans and only the first piece was a little harder to remove-just like regular cake/bars/or pie!

    I also used 3 flavors, chocolate ice cream on the bottom, then the fudge w/oreo crunchies, vanilla ice cream next, then i stuck some raspberries onto the vanilla layer, then I put raspberry sherbet on top of the raspberries, then topped it with the whipped cream and sprinkled more crushed Oreo’s on top.

    Since using different sized pans and 3 layers of ice cream, I didn’t measure the amount, just eye balled how much I would need. But the fudge w/oreo crunchies worked out perfect for both pans. I also cut the whipped cream recipe way down since I was only frosting the top, not removing it from the pan and frosting the top and sides.

    My version of Neapolitan ice cream!

  33. Anu

    Planning to make this for my son’s birthday tomorrow. Would like to know 1.5quaters would be exact how many grams / kilograms? 

  34. Barbara

    Lindsay, I am planning on making several of these ice cream cakes to take to the lake next weekend for a mini family reunion. I am going to get started this weekend. I am planning on making them in several Pyrex loaf pans. My thoughts are that they will look pretty through the glass, I can use different flavors of ice cream, and that we can just leave them in the Pyrex pans and just slice off a piece. Only put frosting on the top. And cover with plastic wrap. I Thought this would work with so many different extended family members with their children.
    Just wondering if you think there would be any problem removing the slices? Or do you think that with it sitting out for 10 minutes or so, would ‘let’ the ice cream remove from Pyrex pan, or would I need to grease/spray the pans before filling with ice Cream and fudge/oreo layers?

  35. Lisa

    Hi! I’m making it in 2 7.5 inch spring form pans. Would I double the recipe?
    This recipe sounds delicious and i’m making it for hubby’s 30th birthday!
    Thank you for your help Lindsay!

    1. Lindsay

      Doubling would probably be too much. I’d do 1 1/2 recipes worth, so that you’re using about 3/4 of the recipe for each pan.

  36. Deanna

    Do you think it would work to make this in a square glass dish and frost the top only and cut pieces to eat directly from the dish rather than using round pans that you remove the cake from to frost/cut/serve?

  37. Jenny

    Im going to try this for my daughters 3rd birthday! Is the chocolate layer thick? Is there a way i could maybe do a little more than the recipe? Or would that just become pretty messy? would i add more cookie then also to balance it out so it doesn’t get runny? How soft do u let the ice cream get also? Like runny and stir it around? Or just a little soft and like.. mold it in the pan? Thanks!!

    1. Lindsay

      I’m not really sure how to answer about the thickness. What would you call “thick”? You could certainly add more of either of those layers, but you might need a taller pan for it to all fit.

      For the ice cream, I like to let it soften, but not melt too much and then use a spatula to help smooth it out so that I can spread it in the pan.

  38. Linda

    Oh my gosh!  I made this for a First Communion celebration and I don’t believe I’ve EVER had such  rave reviews!!!  Lindsay, you knocked it outta the park with your version. 👍🏻🙌🏻I love to make desserts, but I think this one is at the top of our list right now. I chose not to top with whipped cream as I feel it was already sweet enough, so it wasn’t as pretty as yours. However, I had to top with sprinkles…of course. 😋. Thx for sharing!!!!

  39. Nadia

    Do I have to add icing sugar to the whipped cream for the icing? I don’t like the taste of icing sugar but I’m not sure if omitting it will change the consistency of the icing too much?

  40. Lily McCauley

    I have the cake frozen for Friday. Do you think it’s okay to frost it the day before or should I do it day of?  I am also worried I will mess up since I am not good at it and I might  have to freeze the cake in between frosting so it doesn’t melt. Thanks. 

  41. Sonia Patel

    Great recipe. I’m in the process of making it now. How did it all for in your 8×3 pan?  I have it in a 9” springform pan and my vanilla ice cream is going to come over the top. 

    Can I take it out of the freezer tomorrow, remove the Saran Wrap and frost it then?  I am serving it tomorrow. I started it late today. 😬


    This cake is amazing! I made this in May for my husband’s bday. I was afraid to go out and buy one so I was forced out of my comfort zone. My family loved it so much I am making it again for my son’s bday. I am using oreo ice cream instead. The fudge layer is delicious and the crunchies are my favorite. I noticed this time around that if I crunch them very fine it lays nicer. Great recipe, a new family favorite! Thank you!

  43. Laurie

    Hi – looking forward to making this for my son’s birthday in June. Just wondering – I can’t find any light corn syrup, and I wonder if I can use regular corn syrup? Thanks!

  44. Beth Lepore

    Delicious and easy to make, especially the fudge sauce which whips up in no time. My 8″ pan only accepted 1 1/4 quarts of each kind of ice cream, so the cake was overflowing. I think some ice creams have more air whipped into them than others, which makes a difference if you’re letting it sit out to soften. Next time I’ll buy less. Definitely a make-again!

  45. Clio

    This has to be one of the easiest cakes I have ever made , although we haven’t tried it yet , it’s still in the freezer , but it looks good , a video demo would be nice 

    1. Celeste Barrios

      After frosting the cake, we put it back in the freezer until ready to serve. Do we cover it before we put it in or leave it uncovered? If you cover it, what do you use to cover it so your decorating doesn’t get messed up? Thank you!

      1. Lindsay

        Either way would be fine. If you have a cake box (cardboard) or a cake carrier that will fit in your freezer, you can use that. Otherwise leave it uncovered. It’ll be fine for a few days and shouldn’t mess anything up.

  46. Chantale

    Hi Lindsay!
    I am so excited to have stumbled upon this recipe! My son really wants a DQ ice cream cake for his 6th Birthday and I didn’t think it would be possible. So this recipe couldn’t have come at a better time! I was just wondering if it’s better to buy the oreo cookies crumbs in the box already crumbled (similar to the graham cookie crumbs) or actual oreo cookies? Tia!

    1. Lindsay

      I’ve never seen boxed Oreo crumbs before (sadly), so I don’t know if there’s much difference or not.

  47. Shery Sullivan

    After cutting a few pieces the others stayed together very well. But I might try your tip next time. My neighbor called and said it was the best ice cream cake he’s ever had. It sounded like he loved it more than any dessert he’s had.

  48. Shery

    My husband and I both loved this cake. My only problem was when I put the piece on the plate the 2 layers separate. I followed directions exactly. The fudge filling is what’s separating it. Your pictures look perfect. Any suggestions for next time?

    1. Lindsay

      So it sounds like the cookie crumbles and fudge didn’t hold together well, is that correct? I would just say to be sure not to wait too long after adding the fudge layer to add the cookie crumbles. The directions say about 10 minutes, but it’s possible your freezer is colder than mine. You want the crumbles to be able sit down in the fudge just a bit so that they stick/hold together. I hope that helps!

  49. Jenn Benbrook

    Hello- is it possible to use jarred fudge for this? Unfortunately we cannot get chocolate chips or corn syrup right now. Would premade fudge work? Thank you!

    1. Lindsay

      You can certainly try it. But not knowing anything about that fudge sauce, it’s hard for me to say what the texture will be like.

  50. Melissa

    Hi Lindsay. I ended up using actual Oreo crumbs….😞I feel  that o should have used full Oreos. We haven’t delved into yet, but I think the middles a bit more crumby than it should be …fingers crossed

  51. Adriel

    Hello! I was wondering if you think vanilla candy chips would melt and set properly instead of chocolate? My son does not like chocolate (I know, crazy) and I was going to do a middle layer with vanilla oreos and vanilla ganache maybe. I can’t wait to try it!

    1. Lindsay

      Sadly, no. I have recently experimented with a white chocolate layer myself and white chocolate is just a lot more finicky than regular chocolate.

  52. Gabriel

    Five out of five. Tastes EXACTLY like the DQ cake for a fraction of the price. I made the mistake of not wrapping the ice cream pans (leave it to me to rush through recipes and miss something), so I had to leave them in warm water for 30 seconds, but they laid down well after that. The whipped cream was great and the chocolate filling was SPOT ON! Wholeheartedly recommend. 

  53. Atreyu

    I made the cake and I loved it. I had never had a dairy Queen cake. I loved it. Thank you for coming up with the idea for a copy recipe.

  54. Jody E

    Hands down, this is the consummate ice cream cake recipe. Worth the extra step of making your own fudge sauce. Only thing I do differently is place cookie layer before the fudge sauce so the warm layer doesn’t melt the ice cream layer. No one notices the difference.

  55. Angela

    Ok, at the risk of sounding like a freak, I’m going to admit I don’t like DQ ice cream cake. And my husband loves them. His birthday is today and when I asked him last week what kind of cake he wanted, he didn’t even have to think. “Ice cream cake!” Yeah, but… But, yay, internet and curbside groceries! 

    We had ice cream cake for breakfast (as one does on his birthday, even well into his 50s), and it was soooo delicious! It’s like DQ but so much better! Somehow you managed to eliminate the waxy aftertaste. And it was really easy to make! I’m glad I read the reviews and knew to expect slightly runny whipped cream frosting. The grocery store didn’t have chocolate ice cream, so they substituted with chocolate salted caramel, which didn’t suck. 

    My husband and I both thank you for this recipe!

  56. Mariam

    I have made the cake it’s in the freezer and I am going to take it out tomorrow just wondering how do I remove the clear wrap from the bottom of the cake? Any tips? I am scared i am going to reck it when removing the clear wrap.

    1. Lindsay

      It should be fairly easy, since the ice cream should be firm and frozen. Just do it quickly so that you aren’t holding the ice cream in your hands for too long.

      1. Logan Smith

        What happens if you don’t freeze layers for recommend time before going to the next step?

  57. Sandy

    Great recipe and easy to follow instructions. I made the cake as a surprise for my daughter’s 20th since we are all at home during this pandemic. Her favorite ice cream is Oreo and Cookie Dough, so that is what I used. She was so surprised and it looked great. She thought it was store bought.

  58. Mackenzie

    Making this tomorrow for my sister’s birthday and I have a couple questions.
    1// If I don’t have cling wrap, will wax paper work and be able to be peeled off okay? Or should I use saran wrap?
    2// Can I make these in cupcake tins for small, individual sized ice cream cakes?

    1. Lindsay

      I would think that was paper would be fine. And you should be able to make them in little cupcake liners, I’d think.

  59. Tara

    I made this cake for my fiance’s birthday and it was AWESOME! It didnt turn out the prettiest, but it definitely wasnt hideous. I had a little bit of trouble with the whipped icing, but that’s probably because I used a blender since I didnt have a mixer. My boys both said they wanted one for their birthday too and my fiance said I out did myself and that I have started something by making him this cake! Thank you so much for this recipe. Everyone was impressed.. even myself 🙂

  60. Leesa

    I’m so excited about making this! Thank you for sharing! I don’t have a springform pan but I do have two 9-inch cake pans. Since the first layer of ice cream takes up the entire height of the pan, how do you add the additional layer of ice cream? Do you think I can freeze both layers in two separate pans and then put one on top of the other after the fudge layer? Thank you!

  61. Carla c

    Lindsay, with our current crisis that we are all going through are dairy queens are closed and my daughter’s sweet 16th is today and so after finding a recipe I am attempting to try it I will follow up with the results and the satisfaction of the taste testers …(although ice cream Oreos and chocolate I think even if you put it in a trough and said there aren’t any spoons use your face everyone would be satisfied I’m sure this will turn out I just can’t guarantee that I would decorate it as good as you) I i I hope that you are staying well and be safe.

  62. Lauren

    How imperative is the chocolate ganache filling? My son doesn’t like chocolate and wants a full vanilla cake, agreeing to use the lemon Oreos for the middle. Is there another ganache substitute you could recommend?

    1. Lindsay

      The corn syrup is going to be best, but you could try honey. I just don’t know if you’ll really be able to taste it or not.

  63. Tara

    Hi. I’m just wondering did you use the whipped cream icing to make the piping or did you use a different kind of icing and if you did use the whipped cream to make the piping was there enough left over after frosting the cake or will I need to make extra? Sorry, this will be my first time making a cake so I’m kind of clueless. Lol

    1. Lindsay

      Yes, I used the same whipped cream and there should be enough left to do the piping. I hope you enjoy the cake!

    1. Lindsay

      As long as you’re using a stable whipped cream, it should be fine. What kind of issues do you normally have?

  64. Janet

    I made this for my son-in-law’s birthday. He said it was the best ice cream cake he has ever had! I thought the fudge and Oreo cookie layers were especially good. Thanks for a great recipe. I will probably be making this every year – happily of course💕

  65. Natalia

    Hi, I’m wondering if anyone tried substituting the corn syrup in the fudge for sugar syrup or maple syrup. It’s not something that we normally buy or use so I wonder if a substitute would produce as good of a result.

  66. Diane

    Just made this for my son’s birthday and it was a hit! My other kids are already choosing what flavors of ice cream they want for their birthdays. I did a double layer of fudge and cookie. Next time I will let the fudge cool to room temp before adding to ice cream. This just makes it easier. Making sure all layers are frozen completely is also very important. Turned out perfect. 

  67. colleen shaffer

    Made this and it was absolutely delicious but I had a hard time with the icing. It started out good but I couldn’t work fast enough it was melting as I was trying to speed it on. Any ideas or maybe I did something wrong?

    1. Lindsay

      I assume you mean that the ice cream was melting and not the whipped cream? Ice cream just melts really quickly, especially if your home is a little warm. You just have to work very quickly. Sometimes I put a very quick thin layer of whipped cream on the outside and then freeze it again for a little bit and then add another layer. You could try something like that.

  68. Katie

    Made this with homemade ice cream and it was a HIT at the birthday party (all adults, ha!). Thank you so much for sharing your recipe!

    I used two 9″ springform pans (lined with plastic, great tip and saved me a lot of grief!) and about 1 quart of ice cream in each since that’s what my ice cream recipe yielded. I was worried it would make for thin layers, but with the mix-ins I added and enough churning they were a decent height. For the cookie crumbs I ended up using Barbara’s organic double-chocolate snackimals since that’s what my local coop had and they worked really well. But next time I’m going to go full classic oreo!

    The ganache, cookie crumbs, and whipped cream are definitely what takes this to the territory of “childhood favorites” ice cream cake! Already getting requests to make it again.

    Now I’m scheming about incorporating the ganache and cookie crumb layers just when I make ice cream again, maybe layering it in pints! Hmmmm…

      1. Lindsay

        That depends a little on how much you let your ice cream soften and how cold your freezer is. I’d say 4-6 hours.

  69. Cassey Hon

    Have you ever made this and taken it somewhere else to eat? I know someone that wants one, but I have at least a 30 minute drive to them and am worried it wont survive!

  70. Darlene Wallace

    This recipe for copy cat Dairy Queen cake is dead on. Everyone loved it and I enjoyed making it. Easy to make and ingredients are simple. Will never buy another ice cream cake again.
    Thanks for the recipe.

  71. Irene

    I am thinking the answer is yes, BUT I am totally not great in the kitchen…. SO, is it okay to use maybe a flavored ice cream, such as cookie dough, for either of the layers?

      1. Lindsay

        You can, but you’ll want to use gel icing color and just be careful not to deflate the whipped cream as you’re folding in the coloring.

  72. Rebecca

    This was delicious! I doubled the amount of Oreo crumble and fudge and halved the sugar in the whipped cream with no complaints. We found it held together best when cut into right away with a moistened knife and served on chilled plates. So so so so good! Thank you for sharing!

  73. Laura

    Made this for my daughter’s 10th birthday (she doesn’t like cake!) over the weekend. I did skip the baking of the Oreo crumbs because I was short on time, but it was a big hit with everyone at the party. Big thank you for sharing!!

  74. Debbie

    This was so good! This was my first time making an ice cream cake and your recipe wAs easy to follow and the results were amazing. I will never buy an ice cream cake again now that I can make my own and customize it to the flavors I like. Everyone loved it! Thank you so much for this amazing recipe Lindsay! Think I will have to buy your cookbook. 

  75. Rach

    Made this cake and the chocolate fudge part leeked through the frosting after I iced it 😔 I put the cake back in the freezer in during the icing steps to keep it cold but when I went back to check the fudge had leeked out the sides so I have a very sad looking cake now.

    1. Lindsay

      It’s hard to know exactly what happened without being there. It’s possible that it melted and that was the reason. But it seems more likely that maybe the ingredients were a little off and it was a lot thinner than it should be or that it just wasn’t frozen enough yet when you stacked the cakes and frosted them. That fudge layer should be a lot thicker than the ice cream. If anything we’re going to melt, I would expect it to be the ice cream.

      1. Hasmig Buckwalter

        My daughter is pregnant with her 3rd little one and she has always loved a Dairy Queen cake for her birthday. She was diagnosed with gestational diabetes this time around so I wanted to make this with sugar free ingredients (ice cream, choc sauce). Do you think it would work ok?
        My grandson also requested an ice cream cake, so for him I’ll make it as is.

        Thank you!

      2. Lindsay

        I’m sure the ice cream would be fine. I’m not sure how you could reduce the sugar in the chocolate fudge or Oreo crumbs though.

  76. Nancy

    Just made this for my husbands birthday and it is our new favorite! We have always gotten him an ice cream cake from Brusters or DQ and this year I thought I would try to save some $ plus my youngest has a severe peanut allergy and you can’t guarantee the store cakes not having any cross contamination. It seriously is just like the DQ cakes and the cookie/fudge middle is what totally makes it!  

  77. Elle

    I’m at the part where everything’s assembled in the pan, I went to take it out though, and I don’t stand a chance at it being firm enough to lift and transfer from the plastic and base of the spring form pan.

    I guess I’m just going to trim down the plastic and leave it in place…

    Any other suggestions?

    1. Lindsay

      Is the ice cream just not fully frozen? There isn’t really anything in the recipe that wouldn’t firm up, since it’s store bought ice cream.

      1. Kelly

        I just tried to make the cake and used Friendly’s ice cream which will not I repeat not set hard. There’s something in the ice cream the keeps it soft. I would suggest not using that brand.

    2. Katie

      I am so excited to try this recipe! A friend requested an ice cream cake for their birthday, and I’m going to make homemade ice cream for the layers. I am thinking I will churn the ice cream then immediately put the layers in springforms instead of packing them into pints to save myself a step. 

      Do you have any suggestions for the best way to store this cake, or at least the layers before I assemble and frost? I have a carrying stand I use to transport regular cakes but it’s not very airtight and I need some way to store them before assembling. I was thinking I could put the springforms in gallon ziplocks, or would it be better to use plastic wrap? 

      1. Lindsay

        I usually just leave them open in the freezer. But you could cover them with foil. They should be fine as long as they’re not sitting in there for an extended period of time.

    3. Stacey Heisterkamp

      I’m making letting my chocolate ice cream freeze up and my Oreos cool as I type this and I had a question. I read through I think all the comments first but didn’t find a good answer. When I put the chocolate ocean in my 9” springform pan it filled it up to the top. To add the vanilla later do you use a different pan or how do you get everything layered without falling over?  

      1. Lindsay

        Sounds like you might have used more chocolate ice cream. But you could use a second pan for the vanilla ice cream. Or, if you don’t have one, you should be able to use the clear wrap to remove the chocolate ice cream from the pan (put that in the freezer) and then use the same pan again for the rest of the ice cream, then put it all together. I hope that helps!

    1. Lindsay

      The chocolate mixture might end up a little thinner, but otherwise would be ok. You try reducing the heavy cream amount by a tablespoon or two to offset that.

  78. Corrina

    I made this for my daughters birthday and we loved it. I made an alteration and did a devils food layer of cake for the bottom, but the frosting, fudge and cookies layers from this recipe were perfect!

    1. Tricia Murphy

      Corrina, I was just about to ask if anyone had used the fudge and cookie filling with a regular chocolate cake! I’m going to try it for my son’s birthday party this weekend.

    2. Shery Sullivan

      Corrina, thanks for posting about the layer cake on the bottom. I always thought Dairy Queen’s should be like that. It’s called a cake but there’s no cake.

  79. Heaven

    Hi, i was just wondering if you could do a cheesecake with the fudge and cookie filling 🙂
    or how to maybe incorporate it. Those are my favorite parts but i rather cheesecake

    1. Lindsay

      What a fun idea! It’s hard for me to say exactly without trying it, but you could certainly add those toppings on top of a cheesecake or even try layering it into a cheesecake. You could even make mini cheesecakes and use those as the toppings.

      1. Mackenzie

        I loved it but when I ice it with normal frosting it doesn’t stick. I’ve tried cool whip from the store it works on side better but still slides off any suggestions. Also this time around I’m adding a bit of fudge to cookie crumbs to make it stick together this time around 

      2. Lindsay

        Buttercream would have a tough time sticking to ice cream, which is why I used whipped cream. As for the cool whip sliding off, it shouldn’t unless that ice cream is starting to melt. Just be sure to frost it as quickly as possible and pop it back in the freezer before there’s too much melting.

  80. Danielle

    Delicious! I was afraid the chocolate fudge was going to be too chocolatey, but it was perfect! Thanks so much! I love your cookbook!

      1. Linda

        I made this with gluten-free oreo cookies – it was perfect for the celiacs in our family!

    1. Lindsay

      I would suggest still using it. It will keep ice cream from seeping out of the pan when you soften it to add it to the pan and it will keep the ice cream from freezing to the sides of the pan, allowing you to remove the layers from the pan much more easily.

      1. Hayley

        The whipping cream ran off of the cake as I tried to ice it. I tried putting the bowl of whipping cream into the freezer for 30 min and tried again with slightly better results. I whipped it longer than usual so the peaks were quite well formed. Should I add more sugar? Chill the cream to a lower temperature first? What went wrong? Also, do not skip the steps of re-freezing in between. The layers will all mix of you do.

      2. Lindsay

        There wasn’t anything wrong. The ice cream did exactly what you’d expect – melt. It happens quickly so you have to work quickly. Popping the whipped cream in the freezer makes no difference. The whipped cream doesn’t melt – the ice cream does. Make sure the ice cream (cake) is super chilled before frosting.

    2. Shadow

      Do you use the entire 1.5 qt of both I’ve creams? Looking at my spring form pan it seems a stretch for that all to fit in. 

    3. Katy Welford

      Just about to start making this for my son’s 3rd birthday! In the UK so can’t get hold of corn syrup so hoping it’s ok! … My question though is I’m making it 2 days in advance … Can I leave the ice-cream cake in the tin overnight until I need to ice it? Or should I take it out of the tin overnight? My thought is probably it needs to stay in but I’m not feeling very intelligent about this at the moment!

      1. Lindsay

        Either way would be fine. If it were me, I’d just leave it in the tin until you’re ready to frost it.

      2. Cliolane

        Dr oetker glucose syrup tubes , you can get them in Sainsbury’s for about £1.50, that is corn syrup 

      1. Lindsay

        Heavy whipping cream has a higher fat content so it whips into a more sturdy whipped cream that it less likely to wilt. As long as you don’t leave the cake sitting out too long though, regular should be fine.

  81. Jason Cook

    Hey I was looking into making this. I was wondering why you need the clear wrap on the bottom and what purpose does it serve?

    1. Lindsay

      The clear wrap is what you use to lift the cake out of the cake pan when it’s done. Without it your ice cream will just stick to the pan.

      1. Renee Andres

        How do you get the clear wrap off the bottom of the cake before cutting??

      2. Lindsay

        When the cake is fully frozen, it’s rock hard and easy to hold and just pull the clear wrap off.

      1. April

        Just a note, when baking the oreo’s, using parchment paper is important. I’ve made this cake twice now and the 2nd time I used foil (I was out of parchment paper) and the oreos were burnt 5 mins into baking on 2 attempts. Otherwise we LOVE this cake!!

      2. Kelli Podraza

        Just made this for a birthday party and this is absolutely 5 stars. We mixed up the ice cream flavors but followed the rest of the recipe exactly. A no fail recipe and I’m pretty sure I saw people licking their plates! 

  82. Andie

    Oh my goodness, this looks so delicious! I love DQ oreo cakes. They will always be my favorite birthday treat. My husband loves the Strawberry Cheesequake blizzard cake. I would LOVE to see your take on that cake! Thanks for all of your awesome recipes!

    1. Lindsay

      Ohhh, a strawberry cheesecake blizzard cake sounds delicious! I haven’t had that one before but will have to try it!

  83. Lin

    My son would always request a Dairy Queen Ice Cream cake for his birthday (and everyone else’s birthday, too!) because he didn’t like cake. But then he would want extra fudge crumbs (which Dairy Queen would do) and a thicker chocolate ice cream layer (not a special request). I’m guessing it might be an illusion, but the chocolate layer always did look thinner, as does yours, even though the amount of ice cream is the same. Is it possible that because the warm fudge is poured on the chocolate ice cream that it melts some causing the layer to shrink? If so, though not the traditional presentation, I think that I would reverse the order, as he still won’t eat cake to this day! But now I can give him an even thicker fudge crumb layer! He will be so surprised that I made it! Thanks for making us heroes!

    1. Lindsay

      LOL. Anything is possible, but I did let the chocolate cool little before adding it, so I don’t think it would’ve melted so much that it makes the chocolate layer a lot smaller. I do think it’s a bit of an optical illusion. But you could totally add some extra chocolate ice cream to the cake.

  84. Betty

    Thank you, my son loves ice cream cakes. Could you please tell me which cake base is the easiest to cut after you freeze it? A Browne , cake or cookie base? Thank you

      1. Jennifer

        Hi Lindsay,
        Thank you for this recipe. It sounds delicious. Do you think dark corn syrup would work? I’m not a huge fan of molasses, but I’m out of light corn syrup and am debating another trip to the grocery store… TIA

      1. Nancy hussell

        I wanna try making this ice cream cake for my daughters birthday I was wondering if I could make the cake 4-5 days in advance???? If so would i need to icing it after making it or can I wait to the day i actually need it and then icing it 

      2. Lindsay

        Yes, you can make it that far ahead. I would probably frost it the day you need it so it looks fresh.

      1. D

        I have not actually tasted it yet,  but I just made it and we are really looking forward to eating it. I did taste each layer, and it was delicious so I have to believe this will be great! I did rush through a couple steps because I started making it so late in the day. I’m thinking it’s best to wait as directed for each layer to set as it seemed a little mushy when I was frosting it. It is very affordable to make compared to buying it so Im excited to try it!

  85. Erin

    Lindsay, thank you thank you thank you!!! I first had one of these Dairy Queen Ice Cream cakes for a friend’s birthday, and I have wanted to make a homemade version ever since! Yours looka delicious, and I am definitely going to try this one as soon as possible. And I also eat the crunchy/fudgy middle layer separate from the rest; it’s definitely the best part!:)

      1. Francene

        After making the layers and freezing them, can I also frost  the cake and freeze it the day before I need to serve it?  If so, When making it in a spring form pan, how do I do that so that all sides are frosted.  

      2. Lindsay

        Yes, you can frost it a day or so before you need it. You would need to remove it from the springform pan before you frost it.

      3. Joy

        I just made this for my 17 year old son’s birthday and wow was this great!!
        I used to 9 inch pie pans lined with plastic wrap.  I filled one with melty vanilla ice cream and one with melty chocolate.  I put them in the freezer over night.  The following day I took out the chocolate one (the plastic wrap made it super easy to do) I put it on a dish, covered it with unheated ready made hot fudge (Mrs RIchardson’s brand). It was easy to spread.  Then I topped it with the Oreo crunches (I used at least double the amount in the recipe). I topped it with the vanilla ice cream and then put it all back in the freezer.  Then I made the frosting (super easy).  When it was ready I removed the cake from the freezer and frosted it.  I did not have any problems with it being too watery or loose.  It set up perfectly and the cake went back in the freezer until the party.  I took it out of the freezer and let it sit for approx 30 minutes before serving.  EVERYONE loved it and thought it was so much better than store bought.  Thanks for sharing this and showing us how to make it!

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